@hutaffe I’m a sucker for any of Damon Albarn’s work. I have been enjoying this album myself.

@shantini Reminds me of Thirty Rock.

@Denny Thanks for sharing. I tend to think, as a society, we have shifted to always think of things that we dislike or are not perfect for us as “the worst” or “no good for anyone”. I’m definitely guilty of it at times though I’m trying to be more introspective.

@darby3 I feel attacked. 😅

@mindofaaronw I use Homebrew. If you install, consider the Untar anywhere approach. They claim it’s unsupported, but I have never had an issue with it. As for why: I enjoy a package manager for ease of keeping tools up-to-date. As for why Homebrew: it’s the first one I tried and it worked, therefore …